A book as gripping as his powerful hands - John Ogden, Express and Star Newspaper.

The strongest man, strong enough to live by his own self made rules - Howard Marks (Mr Nice)

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The Thirty Year Scream- Book 1:
The Shadows of Prejudice

The calendar so clearly defines the end of war.
For those untouched by its vile natue, war represents a mere ripple in the passage of time.
For others, its victims, war brings pain unheralded, memory eternal to twist its poisoned dagger in the hearts and minds of their generations.

The Thirty Year Scream: The Shadows of Prejudice is part one of a five part autobiographical novel.
Set against the backgroung of poverty and underlying mystery, the author takes his reader on a journey from the Fenlands of post-war England to the Midlands of the 1960's, through to the terror of Franco's Spain; we see he loss and idealism. a story to make you laugh and cry, even at the final twist in the tale.


The Thirty Year Scream Book 2:
Running With The Wolvo

Running With The WolvoThe Thirty Year Scream: "Running with the Wolvo", is part two of a five-part autobiographical novel. The story tells of the author's inauguration into the Wolverhampton chapter of the Hells Angels and his experiences as a member of a motorcycle club exiled to the outer fringes of society. The finale of the book is a denouement of its underlying mystery and tragedy.
In 1966, inspired by celluloid ...and myth, a small group of teenaged motorcyclists from the Ashmore Park area of Wolverhampton formed a Motorcycle Club. They stole its name from the United States. Throughout the late 'Sixties, this Club 'The Wolvo' as it became known, grew in size and strength. Soon, its fame throughout the motorcycling culture of our great nation became that of legend.
The early 'Seventies saw the Club diminished in numbers, ostracised from the mainstream of the Hells Angels World, supported by only a few other clubs.
Yet, the notoriety of 'The Wolvo' grew ever greater, outstripping the truth of their deeds or misdeeds.


The Thirty Year Scream Book 3: Life Goes On

Life Goes On - Frank Thorley

Life Goes On is part three of an autobiographical novel. Now in the mid Nineteen-Eighties. In a foolish hope of silencing The Scream, he had turned to the whisky bottle and a never-ending supply of cannabis. An often hilarious account of one man’s journey through a world of drug taking, drug trafficking and violence. It tells of the descent into drug-fuelled apathy by one careless of an inevitable fate, all thought of caution drowned and deafened by The Scream.


The Thirty Year Scream Book 4: A Story For Another Day

A Story For Another Day?

Our story takes us into the late Nineteen-Eighties.  Arrested and imprisoned on charges relating to the supply of cannabis, Big Frank found himself fighting to save everything that he held dear.  This is the story of his progress through the justice and penal systems of England; an account of an archaic, sometimes brutal institution.  The story of the men who lived and survived within it; the story of those who failed.  Stories to make you laugh and cry.  Stories to make you think.  All, of men trapped inside a time machine; caught in a vacuum that sucked away their lives, minute by minute, day by day, year by year.  Prison: nothing short of a human dustbin.

Here, we have the fourth episode of Big Frank’s saga, told with his usual raw humour.  Ever present, The Scream.

Here, we see that it will ever haunt us.


The Thirty Year Scream Book 5: Wot? No More Fireworks?

Wot? No More Fireworks?

By the end of the nineteen eighties, the inevitable had happened.  His career in the “cannabis industry” was brought to an abrupt end by arrest, trial and incarceration.
His eventual release from prison left him embittered and vengeful, ever more resolute to follow the cause of The Wolvo.  Harried by the authorities, he travelled south- first to the Canaries, then to South Africa, to escape their attention.
In England, he found that only grief and tragedy awaited his return.
Here, we have the fifth and final episode of Big Frank’s saga, interspersed with tongue-in-cheek stories of friends and Brothers.  Yet, his raw humour can lend but scant respite from The Scream.

Here, we see that it will ever haunt us.


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